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  HAR OD 116 - May 2012.pdf Communication and licensing procedures in serious cases of non-conforming products 2012-04-24
  HAR OD 114 - August 2017.pdf List of Tests allowed to be subcontracted by the HAR Laboratories 2017-08-16
  HAR OD 106-2 - June 1994.pdf Surveillance to be carried out according to art. 12 of the HAR Agreement 2001-08-10
  HAR OD 106-1 - March 1991.pdf Surveillance procedure for low production manufacturers 2001-09-18
  HAR OD 104 - April 2023.pdf National registrations of HAR Mark in the different countries 2023-05-22
  HAR OD 102 - January 1993.pdf About Operational Documents 2001-08-10
  HAR PD 14 - January 2021.pdf Use of Manufacturers' Laboratories for Surveillance Testing 2021-02-02
  HAR PD 10 - May 2004.pdf HAR Threads 2004-05-15
  HAR PD 9 - May 2014.pdf WG 1 -Technical matters - Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure 2014-05-13
  HAR PD 6 - October 2002.pdf Operation of SMT 2009-11-09
  HAR PD 5 - October 2009.pdf Assessment of Quality Management Systems 2009-10-06
  HAR PD 4 - July 1995.pdf Surveillance procedures - Conditions for reduced sampling 2006-03-22
  HAR PD 3 - October 2020.pdf Rules for assessment and recognition of signatories of the HAR Agreement 2020-12-16
  Declaration on the conversion of HDs 21 and 22 to EN 50525 series.pdf Declaration on the conversion of HD 21 and HD 22 to EN 50525 series standards 2012-07-26
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