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  OD ECS 090 - May 2013.pdf Peer Assessment Scheme 2014-09-19
  OD ECS 075 - April 2019.docx Assessment Report of a TL (in WORD) 2019-04-29
  OD ECS 075 - Appendix - April 2019.docx Appendix to Assessment Report of a TL (in WORD) 2019-04-29
  OD ECS 074 - April 2019.docx Assessment Report of a CB (in WORD) 2019-04-29
  OD ECS 073 - April 2012.pdf Assessment Report templates for the European schemes 2014-09-19
  AD ECS 072 - March 2019.docx Check list for TLs 2019-03-26
  AD ECS 071 - December 2013.doc Check list for CBs 2014-09-19
  AD ECS 043 - October 2023.pdf Glossary, Acronyms and Definitions 2023-10-13
  OD ECS 041 - January 2013.pdf Delegated modification authorisation procedure (DMA) 2014-09-19
  OD ECS 040-5 - January 2019.pdf Request form for corrections to the published EN TRFs, EU Deviations Addendum to IECEE TRFs and ETICS specialized TRFs 2019-01-22
  OD ECS 040-4 - February 2020.pdf EPRS-Test report form 2020-02-20
  OD ECS 040-3 - April 2023.pdf EN test report form 2023-05-31
  OD ECS 040-2 - February 2020.pdf EU-Deviation addendum to test report IEC xxxx - European common modifications, special national conditions and national deviations 2020-02-20
  OD ECS 040-1 - April 2023.pdf EU Test Report Summary 2023-05-03
  OD ECS 040 - April 2023.pdf Coordination of creation of EN TRF’s, EU Deviations Addendum to IECEE TRF’s and ETICS specialized TRF’s 2023-05-31
  AD ECS 039 - April 2019.pdf Registered Manufacturers' Laboratories for the purposes of product surveillance testing 2019-04-29
  AD ECS 036 - March 2023.pdf E-CTF and MPL Clients (former CTF or WMT ,TMP , SMT, Clients) - Superseded 2023-04-12
  AD ECS 036 - December 2023.pdf E-CTF and MPL Clients 2024-01-06
  OD ECS 032-F2 - April 2021 template_1.docx E-CTF Assessment Report Summary 2021-06-30
  OD ECS 032-F1 - April 2021 template_1.docx Example of an E-CTF Activity Report 2021-06-30
  OD ECS 032 - April 2022 corrigendum.pdf Use of Customers Testing Facilities in the European Certification Schemes (E-CTFs) 2022-07-28
  OD ECS 030 - April 2023.pdf Constitution, Organization, Tasks and Process of the Operational Staff Meetings (OSMs) 2023-05-31
  OD ECS 028 - November 2016.pdf Recognition of components within the ECS 2017-05-25
  OD ECS 026 - November 2009.pdf Mutual recognition of product factory surveillance - Guidelines for procedures 2014-09-17
  OD ECS 013 - November 2011.pdf Evaluation and testing with regard to EMF requirements 2014-09-15
  OD ECS 012 - April 2021_1.pdf Procedure for dealing with European Mark licences in the transitional phase from old to new standards 2021-05-19
  OD ECS 009 - April 2023.pdf ECS scopes 2023-05-31
  OD ECS 007 - December 2013.pdf ECS Strategic Objectives 2014-09-15
  AD ECS 003 - April 2023 public.pdf Directory of ETICS European Testing Inspection Certification System 2023-05-31
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